FED Rate Hike – FOMC Live Session- December 2018

FED Rate Hike - FOMC Live Session- December 2018

FED Rate Hike – FOMC Live Session- December 2018

FED Rate Hike is right around the corner and the Structures are once more pointing towards big moves ahead.

From a technicals analysis standpoint, the bigger picture has been painted and shared with the “Volatility in 2018-2019 & The Financial Earthquake” article, where an in-depth analysis was shared.

The larger picture has been updated with the “Bearish Santa & December’s Trends – Christmas Gifts” article, and those trends already started.

The recently posted “USD Sell-off & The Shift – Big Trends” article would act as a guide for December’s FOMC Meeting.

Green Room members were updated on a daily basis and they know exactly what to look for during this important news release.

December’s FED Rate Hike is to be treated with high interest, as it would most likely point towards the next trends.

FED Meeting – Outlook

Its been quite a journey hunting for that USD top, but now that it shows weakness, it’s a sign that the analysis is on track.
I would be expecting the USD to rise for one last time in a 5-wave sequence and an impulsive manner, after which it should find its top and commence a down-trend.
This would lead towards the EUR/USD and Metals possibly starting bullish trends really soon.
A FED Rate Hike is already priced in and investors would not be surprised when it happens.
The most important aspect will be the FOMC Press Conference and what FED Chair J. Powell will sound like in his speech, either dovish or hawkish.

Richard’s 2 cents:

Expected outcome for this event: USD short-term bullish, followed by a bearish medium-term wave.

FOMC Live Session Registration

Lionheart Elliott Wave Analysis is glad to announce an upcoming live event.

Live Session will start on the 19th of December at 18:30 GMT (20:30 EEST).

Richard is going live again, on the FOMC Press Conference. You can register HERE.

During this event, he will be going through his charts and walk you through the wave counts, structures, and of course, the trading opportunities on his radar.

Market is moving, get yourself up to date!

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