Trading Signals | Metals | Swing | Elliott Wave

Trading Signals XAUUSD & XAGUSD Swing Elliott Wave

Trading Signals | Metals | Swing | Elliott Wave (Mar ’20)

Trading Signals | Metals | Swing | Elliott Wave

Market: Precious Metals
Signal Category: Swing
Direction: Bullish
Order Type: Market / Limit

(Entry / Stop Loss / Take Profit)

The following trading signals on the Precious Metals has been posted in the “Trading Signals” section.

Trading Signals | Metals | Summary

Precious Metals reached the tops in the middle of March. 2020.
That was labeled as a Intermediate (C) (green) top, of a Running Flat overshoot.

See if you can keep up with this wave count on the Weekly!?

XAUUSD – Weekly Chart (picture)

*YouTube video coming up asap.

The VIX spike caused serious damage for metals, a result of Indices crashing and investors running for margins, hence selling safe-haven.
Intermediate (A) (red) has reached the previous lower degree correction, and now setting up for a bullish swing, in Intermediate (B) (red).

XAUUSD – Daily Chart (picture)

The pattern does seem like a Triangle, which could indicate a continuation, and more bearishness ahead.
However, a triangle symbolizes the end of a leg, appearing right before the actual change.
That it why, if moderate or conservative, it could be ok to wait, as metals could provide better entries.

Even so, Metals could prepare a “trick”, as the bottomed patterns do resemble a reversal scenario.
There is a realistic possibility that XAUUSD & XAGUSD could be spiking on the up-side.

On the Intraday Charts, XAUUSD has been labeled in a Double Three, with Minors W & X (turquoise) complete.
XAUUSD is now awaiting the trigger in the Running Flat structure, and the Fractal sequence.
XAGUSD however, looks more vulnerable, but with a bullish C leg pending.

To be noted that this bullish set-up on Metals is not “the one”, and, once in the green, precaution measures should be taken.

Trading Signals | Metals | Swing BUY Orders

XAUUSD – 2H Chart (picture)

Trading Signals | XAUUSD | BUY Orders

  • Aggressive Entry @ Market price (approx. 1515.00) with SL @ 1450.00

  • Moderate Entry @ 1495.00 with SL @ 1430.00

  • Conservative Entry @ 1455.00 with SL @ 1390.00

  • TP @ 1550.00 / 1585.00 / 1620.00 / 1650.00 / 1675.00

Safety measure: when in the green, moving SL to break-even.

XAUUSD – 2H Interactive Chart
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XAGUSD – 2H Chart (picture)

Trading Signals | XAGUSD | BUY Orders

  • Aggressive Entry @ Market price (approx. 12.85) with SL @ 12.15

  • Moderate Entry @ 12.25 with SL @ 11.25

  • Conservative Entry @ 11.00 with SL @ 9.85

  • TP @ 13.75 / 14.50 / 15.00 / 15.40 / 15.90

Safety measure: when in the green, moving SL to break-even.

XAGUSD – 2H Interactive Chart
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