Day: March 11, 2018

Wave Counts Forex-Metals-Indices

Trading Week 2 – March – Wave Counts & Updates

Trading Week 2 – March – Wave Counts & Updates: Trading tip: Caution is needed with the Wave Counts below as the Dollar Index could “pull” its last available “joker” in its sleeve and extend the Corrective Structure towards a Triple Three, thus resulting in a temporary Bullish outcome before the expected fall. Please watch the <div class="woocommerce"> <div class="woocommerce-info wc-memberships-restriction-message wc-memberships-message wc-memberships-content-restricted-message"> Looks like you're not an active Member!A Membership will give you access.Find yours in the <a href="">shop</a> or <a href="">log in</a> if you are already a Member. </div> </div>

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