Bitcoin Trading Idea | Next BIG Swings | Elliott Wave

Bitcoin Trading Idea Next BIG Swing Elliott Wave Signal

Bitcoin Trading Idea | Next BIG Swing | Elliott Wave

Bitcoin Trading Idea | Next BIG Swing | Elliott Wave
Market: Crypto (BTC/USD)
Analysis Type: Swing Trading

Bitcoin Trading has been profitable for Crypto enthusiasts, especially with the latest bullish impulse adding to positive sentiment.
BTC/USD has shown a 100% increase, only between September and December 2020.

In my opinion, BTC could be preparing to shoot once more on the up-side, due to how the current structures look like.
I believe that a good buying opportunity could be right around the corner for those who are into Bitcoin Trading.

From a technical analysis standpoint, and from and Elliott Wave perspective, Bitcoin would be preparing to rally in the 5th wave.
Knowing how BTC behaves, this expected bullish swing might just present an extension, the overshoot in complacency.
A Bullish Impulse should begin shortly; to be witnessed, tracked and exploited.
After that, the Crypto Market would roll-on-down for a deeper correction.

Bitcoin Trading | Recap

“I called all the important Bitcoin tops and bottoms.”

Indeed I did, and the previous articles act as proof, with track-records of my work.

I guess by now you get the picture.
In the lines to come, I’m going to share and explain the next best interpretation for Bitcoin Trading.
Not only that, but an important Bitcoin Trading Idea will be shared, with precise Entry/SL/TP.

Bitcoin Trading | Technical Analysis | Elliott Wave

BTC/USD is displaying an Elliott Wave bullish sequence, which keeps on growing in duration and time.
Because of this, it will be hard to believe that a major bearish leg would be seen, one that would change the destined direction.

BTC/USD - Weekly Chart

BTC/USD - Weekly Chart

BTC/USD (weekly) has been labeled within a Super-Cycle Degree wave (III) (turquoise), mid-point development.
Super-Cycle Wave (II) (turquoise) has reached its bottom during Dec 2018, unleashing the Crypto Bull Market.

  • Cycle I (black) Structure – Bullish Impulse
    Dec 2018 bottoms and up towards June 2019 peaks.

  • Cycle II (black) Structure – Triple Flat Correction
    June 2019 peaks until March 2020 support.

  • Cycle III (black) Sequence – Bullish Impulse
    Break-out and confirmation of a bullish sequence.

  • Current Position – Intermediate (4) (green)
    Consolidation and Point of Interest.

  • Next expected swing
    Bullish Impulse, with a rally in the Intermediate (5) (green).
    Levels in focus: $18500.
    Targets: $23500-25000.

BTC/USD – Weekly Interactive Chart
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BTC/USD - Daily Chart

BTC/USD - Daily Chart

BTC/USD (daily) has been labeled within a Cycle Degree wave (III) (black), late stages of development.
Primary 5 (green) would be expected to finalize with the next expected bullish swing, and could also present an extension.
The Elliott Wave Channel empowers more gains ahead, and also signals the fact that Intermediate (5) (green) could be commencing along with a break-out.

  • Primary 1 (blue) Structure – Impulse
    5-Swings Sequence in an impulsive manner, the breaking point.

  • Intermediate (2) (blue) – Zig-Zag
    Corrective Structure, Retest & Support.

  • Intermediate (3) (green) – Impulse – Termination Points
    Bullish Rally, presenting an Extension.
    The Elliott Wave Channel points towards more up-side.

  • Intermediate (4) (green) – Running Contracting Triangle
    Sideways Correction points towards a break-out pending.

  • Levels in Focus: $18500

BTC/USD – Daily Interactive Chart
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Bitcoin Trading | BUY & SELL Levels

BTC/USD - 4H Chart

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