Trading Bitcoin | Buy Orders | Elliott Wave

Trading Bitcoin | Buy Orders | Elliott Wave

Trading Bitcoin | Buy Orders | Elliott Wave (Mar 2020)

Trading Bitcoin | Buy Orders | Elliott Wave
Market: Crypto (BTC/USD)
Analysis Type: Swing Trading
(buy & hold)

Trading Bitcoin has been running nicely, with the patterns aligning and with the swings confirmed.
BTC/USD is going through a “decisive” phase, in the sense that if it’s destined to rally, it should happen very soon, if not right now.

I believe that a good buying opportunity could be right around the corner for those who are Trading Bitcoin.
This is because, so far, all swings I called actually worked.
Now, there is a realistic possibility that BTC/USD has finalized the correction, and might just shoot on the up-side in a very impulsive manner.

From a technical analysis standpoint, and from and Elliott Wave perspective, Bitcoin would be starting the 3 of 3’s.
An impulse should begin shortly; to be witnessed, tracked and exploit it.

Trading Bitcoin | Recap

Million BTC question?

BTC/USD ready to shoot towards 30k?

Yes, that’s the plan with this article right here.
I believe that we are about to embark on a very fast rocket, for a bullish journey.
In fact, if this is what I think it is, forget about the moon, forget about Mars! BTC could go interstellar!
In simple words, 30k could be just a milestone.

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Trading Bitcoin | Technical Analysis | Elliott Wave

Trading Bitcoin could be the next BIG “game changer”.

With stock-markets plunging, trader wars or virus fears, fiat money might just become a thing of the past.
Global debt is reaching record highs and not stopping, banks are dodgy and about to go bust, artificial stimulation, etc.
This “money ecosystem” simply does not work. Central banks are buying governmental bonds with printed money, fake money.

Think about it! How much time can this still go on? The BIG Bubble is inevitable …

The Market Crash road-map shared back in April 2019 has been going as planned, and it’s not a “”peachy” look…

BTC/USD has been labeled in a complete 1-2-1-2 sequence, with the Cycle degree correction finalized, and with it’s sub-wave correction finalized as well.
From what I can see, BTC/USD could be destined to rally from here, and it should be the “bull rocket”.

Let's break the technicals down!
That's what you're here for right?

BTC/USD – Weekly Chart (picture)

BTC/USD (weekly) has been labeled within a Cycle Degree wave III starting point.

Cycle Wave II (black) has been called as the bottom during Dec 2018, unleashing the Crypto Bull Market.

Primary (2) (green) hit the bottom in December 2019.

  • Cycle II (black) Structure – Double Flat
    Dec 2017 peaks and down until Dec 2018 bottoms – Cycle II (black)

  • Primary 1 (blue) Sequence – Impulse
    Break-out and confirmation of a bullish sequence.

  • Primary 2 (blue) Structure – Correction
    Descending Channel unfolding within a complex Triple Three sequence.

  • Next expected swing
    Bullish Impulse, with a rally in the 3 of 3’s, of a Primary degree.
    Levels in focus: $7800 & $5550.

  • Dominant Trend
    Bullish Impulse (Rally) presenting an Extension towards $35K and then beyond.

  • Structure Change
    Primary 2 (blue) invalidation is at $3122.28.

BTC/USD – Weekly Interactive Chart
(click to open)

BTC/USD – Daily Chart (picture)

  • Primary 2 (blue) Structure – Triple Zig-Zag
    Zig-Zag structures in all intermediate degree waves, (W)(X)(Y)(X)(Z) (pink).

  • Intermediate (1) (green) – Leading Diagonal
    Motive Wave structure, in an ascending wedge formation.

  • Intermediate (2) (green) – Zig-Zag – Termination Points
    Golden Ratio (61.8%)  – Fibonacci Retracements of Intermediate (1) (green).
    * 78.6% if the bearish correction extends.

  • Dominant Trend – Levels in Focus
    61.8% FR: $7980
    61.8% FR: $7300

BTC/USD – Daily Interactive Chart
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BTC/USD | Intraday | Elliott Wave

BTC/USD – 4H Chart (picture)

  • Intermediate (2) (green) Structure – Zig-Zag
    Leading diagonal in Minor A (red).
    Running Flat in Minor B (red).
    Impulse in Minor C (red).

  • Intermediate (3) (green) – Expectations
    Bullish Impulse, Extension in a Rally.

  • Technicals – Favorable Details
    – Descending Channel within a Complex Correction
    – Bearish Divergence at the termination points of Minor C (red)
    – Potential Hidden Divergence at key Fibonacci Retracement levels.
    – Bull-Flag Pattern in Intermediate (2) (green)
    – 61.8% Fibonacci Retracements of Intermediate (1) (green)

BTC/USD – 4H Interactive Chart
(click to open)

What are the best BUY levels for BTC?

Trading Bitcoin | Buy Orders

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