DXY – Bullish Break-Out – Last Push


DXY – Bullish Break-Out – Last Push

DXY view and details were provided during the “Dollar Index (DXY) – Completing the Correction like a Champ” video.

Corrective Structure became Complex, a Double Flat on the DXY chart, a WXY Pattern which is presenting a Bullish Break-out of the upper Descending Channel, thus unfolding the final Bullish Swing required for Minute IV (red) to complete.

After this Bullish Swing, I will be looking for further down-side for the DXY, a Bearish Swing which would cause significant reactions.

DXY Chart:

Intraday Views & Trades:

XAU/USD – Bearish

XAG/USD – Bearish

EUR/USD – Bearish

GBP/USD – Bearish

USD/JPY – Bullish

USD/CHF – Bullish

 Many pips ahead!