Trading Desk | Open Mic Sessions

Trading Desk | Open Mic Sessions

Trading Desk is the place where opportunity meets preparation.

During these OPEN MIC sessions, Richard and other experienced Traders work together, allowing teamwork to produce outstanding trading set-ups.

These “closed doors” sessions are available exclusively for LEWA members.

High Probability trading opportunities are discussed, analyzed and applied.

  • Elliott Wave Charting
  • Advanced Technical Analysis
  • Trading Plan & Preparation
  • Confirmation / Invalidation
  • Trades Maintenance
  • Risk Management

Besides this, there’s also a Private Channel available, where the levels in focus are posted.
In this Private Channel, we are posting what we consider to be spot-on trading orders.

  • Limit Orders (Entry)
  • Invalidation (SL)
  • Targets (TP)

Such views are designed to work on a medium-term time-frame, with high probability.

Join us at the Trading Desk, we’ll have many pips ahead!

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