Trading Signals | Gold & Silver | Swing | Elliott Wave

Trading Signals | Gold & Silver | Swing | Elliott Wave

Trading Signals | Gold & Silver | Swing | Elliott Wave (April ’20)

Market Crash Sequence | Precious Metals

Trading Signals | Gold & Silver | Swing | Elliott Wave (April ’20)

Market: Precious Metals
Signal Category: Swing
Direction: Bearish
Order Type: Market / Limit

(Entry / Stop Loss / Take Profit)

The following trading signals on the Precious Metals has been posted in the “Trading Signals” section.

Trading Signals | Gold & Silver | Summary

Trading Signals on Gold & Silver went very well recently, with the previous articles on track, thus gaining momentum for the next run.

Now it's time to rumble!

Indices have been tanking, stocks plummeting, the markets have been going into a wild whirlpool.
Only the knowledgeable will gain form this Market Crash sequence.

Bird's Eye View on Gold?

Of course! What did you think, I would be posting just another article on how to trade Gold?
Oh NO! This is much more than  that.

Everything that I’m publishing is for and with the traders.
A good idea would be to catch up on my thoughts, best way to do that would be over a video.
Don’t worry, I got that covered!

Can you see the flow?

“Precious Metals reached the tops in the middle of March. 2020.
That was labeled as a Intermediate (C) (green) top, of a Running Flat overshoot.
See if you can keep up with this wave count on the Weekly!?”

XAUUSD – Weekly Chart (picture)

XAUUSD – Daily Chart (picture)

The VIX spike caused serious damage for metals, a result of Indices crashing and investors running for margins, hence selling safe-haven.
Intermediate (A) (red) has reached the previous lower degree correction, and now retesting the tops in Intermediate (B) (red).

Levels in Focus?
  • Bearish Levels: $1700

  • Bullish Levels: $1400

XAUUSD – Daily Chart (picture)

Silver (XAGUSD) fell off the cliff, with Primary C (turquoise) causing serious “damage”.
However, a Bullish Divergence combined with an Ending Diagonal is “no joke”.

Something BIG is coming…

Trading Signals | Gold & Silver | Elliott Wave Analysis

Intermediate (B) (red) has been labeled in a Triple Three, with a Double Top overshoot.
The 88.6% Fibonacci Retracements of Intermediate (A) (red) have been tagged as well.
It is now all about the expected Ending Diagonal in Minor Z (purple).

Gold & Silver could be poised for a significant dip, as the Bearish Divergence is “lurking in the shadows”.
But after that, it’s all bull…

BUY & SELL Levels?

Trading Signals | Gold & Silver | Entry-SL-TP

XAUUSD – 2H Chart (picture)

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