USD a.k.a. Dollar Hulk – Green Bull Rodeo


USD a.k.a. Dollar Hulk – Green Bull Rodeo

USD has been unfolding its swings according to my previous calls on the DXY.

I am pleased with how the structures unfolded.

DXY is trading within a Double Three Pattern, with the remaining Minute Y (pink) unfolding within a Zig-Zag, within a Rising Channel.

This article is to be treated as a follow-up on the previously posted Bull Riding – Rodeo Trading – Intraday Market Ordersarticle, when the first Bullish leg started.

The correction on the down-side was posted and predicted with the NFP Trades – Gold & Euro – Bullish Positions article, which was also explained with the DXY (Dollar Index) – Correction Final Stages video.

USD could be getting the straight it would need to push on the up-side and finalize the entire Complex Structure within Minor 4 (red).

Charts & Screen-shots

Dollar Index (DXY) – 2H Chart (picture)

EURUSD – 2H Chart (picture)

GBPUSD – 2H Chart (picture)

USDJPY – 2H Chart (picture)

USDCHF – 2H Chart (picture)

NZDUSD – 2H Chart (picture)

XAUUSD – 2H Chart (picture)

XAGUSD – 2H Chart (picture)

Interactive Charts

Dollar Index (DXY) – 2H Interactive Chart

EURUSD – 2H Interactive Chart

GBPUSD – 2H Interactive Chart

USDJPY – 2H Interactive Chart

USDCHF –2H Interactive Chart

NZDUSD – 2H Interactive Chart

XAUUSD – 2H Interactive Chart

XAGUSD – 2H Interactive Chart

Many pips ahead!

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